A Self-portayal of the Antirep Group

A few hours after the house searches and arrests of animal rights activists on May 21, 2008, friends, family members and political activists from various fields met together to provide the targeted persons with concrete support. That which began with finding lawyers, repairing doors, taking care of pets, setting up a bank account, doing press relations or planning actions, developed over time into anti-repression work, which had and has the goal to work against the state repression as much as possible. The question of the guilt or innocence of those targeted is not of interest to us.

Antirep 2008 never wanted to nor now wants to be the mouthpiece of the targeted persons because they can speak for themselves. We as a support group stand in critical opposition to the state as a whole, perceive laws as mechanisms of oppression and demand not only freedom for all political prisoners, but in general freedom for everybody: locking up people who act “contrary to the rules” has only one intention: control, discipline and isolation.

Antirep 2008 is a loose gathering of people with different approaches and without homogenous opinions. After the release from pre-trial detention some of those targeted joined us and participate in the accumulating work. We see ourselves as leftist activists who are fighting against the very specific repression in this current “case” we support the targeted people in their refusal to make statements to the authorities and we will continue in the future to show our solidarity with those targeted in various forms until the actual end of all proceedings.

We demand the abolition of all paragraphs against “organized criminality” such as §278, a, b, c, and d of the Austrian penal code because above all they must be perceived as part of a racist consensus and that with a few exceptions are almost always applied against immigrants. In this specific case the police and the courts are trying out against animal rights activists to see whether a criminalization of political activists like in Germany or other countries is possible here as well.

Furthermore, we demand the end/dismissal of all proceedings, the disclosure of the political motivations as well as the disbandment of the special commissions within the police department.

Solidarity instead of paranoia!
Our resistance knows no bounds!
We are all 278a!