(Deutsch) Schlussplädoyer von Jan

29. April 2011

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Closing statement of on of the accused at the “§278a trial in Wr. Neustadt”

26. April 2011

As held on the 1st of April, 2011:

First of all I want to thank my lawyer with whom it was great working together, and furthermore, I also want to thank everyone who showed their solidarity by following this trial all the way until today.

The prosecution and the investigative special police force knew from the beginning that I wasn’t doing anything that could be considered criminal, that while I have been advocating animal rights for years, I always did so by legal means. I have never made a secret out of my political attitude and I still don’t see a reason to distance myself from my work.

What the special police force was trying to do wasn’t the investigation of criminal offenses, but a deliberate destruction of lives. Mr. B. previously described what Mr. Böck told him in pre-trial
detention (“Now we’ve got you, you’re not getting out of this one”) Rudolf Plessl of the special police force said this to my friend and ally K. on the evening following our arrest: “Once we’re done with
you, you’ll crawl back to Germany on all fours, and you’ll never want to come back to Austria.” (by now, Plessl is one of the Austrian Social Democratic Party’s members of the national parliament!)

For me, the state attorney and his police thugs are dangerous people who spread terror and intimidated others, who destroyed my life. I verifiably suffer from PTSD, lost my job and have been ruined
financially. At least in that regard, the police force was successful. The psychological and material consequences are something I will have to deal with for a long time.

For example with the effects of the surveillance measures, the police assault of armed special forces on the 21st of May 2008 at 6AM in the morning, the 3 and a half months of pre-trial detention, the being locked away from family, dogs and friends, and last but not least these 87 most strenuous days of trial.

During all of that time, not once did I question my activities. I still stand by my ideals, these, at least, no state attorney or police force can take from me.

And in the face of the indescribable cruelty done to animals day by day, I still see the need and my ethical responsibility to act against the oppression of animals and for their liberation. But, considering the sickening circumstances of the last three years, I’m wondering: Who will protect me from this state attorney and specialpolice force in the future?

I’m afraid that’s a question no one will be able to answer me!

(Note:Two names abridged -Mr. B. and K.)

Statement on undercover investigator’s testimony and report.

18. February 2011

Given by the tenth defendant on the 70th day of trial (17.02.2011), representing all activists of the Basis Group Animal Rights (BAT)

A statement on the court testimony and the reports by undercover police officer with the pseudonym “Danielle Durand”. A statement on a witness whose existence has been kept a secret; on undercover investigations, the duration of which was falsely declared; on reports that were denied; on investigation results whose relevance has been contested. Kept secret, falsely declared, denied, contested by the now infamous special commission, by its leaders and members Zwettler, Böck, Bogner, Landauf and the rest of them.

Not only were the investigation files cleaned up with references to the undercover investigations all but completely removed, also in court the investigations were downplayed and an early termination of undercover investigations was untruthfully claimed.

The state prosecutor also had (as can be read in the court record of the trial from the afternoon of 22nd July 2010) his part in this affair. Accusations of lying should be used carefully, so with reference to the state prosecutor, it should only be noted that he was either poorly informed about his own special commission and has trouble keeping up with his own business – or he deliberately took part in this charade.
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Reasons for statements during the trial

8. April 2010

We document the statements made by the five accused activists of the BAT
(Basisgruppe Tierrechte), who – unlike the other 8 accused – refused to
answer questions and cooperate with the prosecuting agencies and the court.

To be able to present their views inside the court room while retaining
this stance, these accused made the following statements on the 22nd and
24th of March, instead of being available for questioning.

Statement by the 6th defendant

24. March 2010

For many years I have been active for the possibility of animals living
their live for their own sake. Animals are seen by large parts of our
society as a resource that is freely available. They are bred in cages,
dissected in laboratories and violently killed and dismembered in
slaughterhouses just for the “benefit” and profit of humans. Therefore I
think it is necessary to take a stance for the freedom of animals and a
society without violence!
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Statement by the 7th defendant

24. March 2010

There are only a few things mentioned in the charges against me which
are true. For example it is true, that I have been a political activist
for over 10 years, amongst other issues committed to animal rights.
Animals are feeling individuals which nevertheless are objectified and
merely seen as commodities in our society. They are reduced to being
products available for sale, solely for the profit of humans. Millions
of them are killed, dismembered and “made” into “meat” or “fur” every
day, for example in slaughterhouses, so called “fur farms” or during hunts.
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Statement by the 8th defendant

24. March 2010

It is a matter of fact that a political opinion and position is being
accused here. It was asked whether one is for or against hunting – that
is, for or against murder of and violence against animals. I am against
it. I do not use violence because I am an animal rights activists, as
the prosecution continues to suggest, on the contrary I condemn violence
and therefore I have been vegan and active for animal rights for years.

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Statement by the 9th defendant

24. March 2010

First of all I want to talk about my motivation. My motivation for being committed to the liberation of animals for years, be it via demonstrations, investigations, discussions, acts of civil disobedience such as run-ins, or the theoretical work related to all of this. Afterwards I will talk about single points made in the formal charges.

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Statement by the 10th defendant

24. March 2010

The first time I became aware of having gotten into this trial, or any kind of criminal proceedings at all, was in the early morning of the 21st of May 2008, when I was woken by the yelling of masked men that had invaded my flat and directed fire arms at me and my mother, then arrested me and brought me away. In my absence they began searching through my and my mother’s living space and seized a number of personal items belonging to me and to my mother. How had I gotten into this?

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